Why Do You Need Tidie's Sanitizer?

Are you a heavy phone user? Have you ever wondered about how germ-y your phone can be? Studies have shown that smartphones on average have more bacteria than toilet seats. And your wallet, workout towel, doorknob, car keys, even cash too. Tidie's Sanitizer is best solution to keep your family safe and clean. With the latest UVC LED technology, Tidie UVC Valet Box is a powerful device to sanitize personal belongings. You can put in your phone, car keys, wallet, glasses, jewelry, watch, earphone - anything that fits, Tidie cleans.


The Best Benefits


Your phone is one of the dirtiest items you own, but it's not the only offender in your daily arsenal. While many devices only focus on cleaning your phone, we wanted to go beyond. Tidie's UVC-LED valet box has ample room so you can refresh multiple items in one go.  


This device supports smart phone wireless charging. 
Tired of looking for your cable? Simply place your phone on top of the lid and start fast charging. 


Place Tidie’s UVC valet box at your entryway, coffee table, bedside table or even bring it to your office. Take yours wherever you need some extra cleaning power. 


After a long day of cleaning, we took into account that your box might need some care too. We designed the support bars to be removable to easily clean your device.

EASY TO USE  1, 2, 3

All it takes is 3 simple steps!        1. Connect the cable and power adaptor before plugging in.       2. Place your devices in the box and close the top lid,and Press and hold the device button for 2 seconds,5 minutes finished.      3. Place your phone on the top of the case for wireless charging.

Design In The Making

Take a closer look at Tidie's designs

8 LEDs in Total

Top 4 + Bottom 4

120 Degrees Coverage

Covers Every Side. No Blind Spots.


2L Inner Volume 

Ample Room for Multiple Items

No Mirrors/Reflection

Minimal Reduction Loss

What customers say?

I was very happy about my purchase from Tidie. They answered my questions promptly and received the product in 3 days. This is totally amazing. Me and my family love it and have been using it for disinfection. It’s easy to use and we form the habit of washing our hands while getting our phones sanitized.
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I recommend TIDIE UVC Personal Valet Box. I saw them on facebook and was interested in buying myself one just to prevent any commonly seen diseases seen in my daily life. So far, it’s durable, great and I couldn’t ask for more. Excellent product feature and service!!
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I was in Texas and the situation is pretty bad. I don’t know what disease I might get in touch with every day, so I made my purchase on Indiegogo. Good price and functions. Thumbs up for their design. I have already shared them with all my friends and family.
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Do You Have Any Questions?

  1. 1.Is UVC light harmful to human body?

    Natural UVC is unable to penetrate the atmosphere and reach the surface of the earth. But artificial UVC light can be harmful to the human eye or cause skin burns. It is therefore very important to take safety measures when using UVC lights.  
  2. 2.Will UVC hurt my phone?

    No,it won't! Instead, the alcohol wipes can also scratch off your phone's surface coating and damage it.  
  3. 3.What's the difference between UVC and UV light?

    Ultraviolet (UV) has a wavelength from 10nm to 400nm. UVC is ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 200-280nm. You can think of UVC as the UV with the shortest wavelengths.  
  4. 4.Can I put the box in the bathroom? Is it water resistant?

    It is not water-resistant. We would not recommend putting the UVC box in moist environments to prevent damaging the wireless charger or UVC LEDs.  
  5. 5.How long does it take for the box to fully charge my phone?

    It will take around 3.5 to 4 hours to fully charge your phone from 0% battery.  
  6. 6.Can I clean my mask with the box?

    Yes definitely. Part of its main purpose is to clean your mask.